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Oldies Bifocal



Oldies are the bifocals glasses prescribed for presbyopia, comprises of two different powers applicable for far and near sightedness both with a visible bifurcating area which hampers the cosmetic look of the wearers. Bifocals can cause headaches and even dizziness for some wearers. Adapting to the small field of near vision by the bifurcating segment of bifocals can take some time, as the user learns to move either the head or the reading material rather than the eyes. Wearing bifocal glasses often forces a wearer to look back to focus the screen through the bifurcating lower portion such forced position can cause stiffness in neck, shoulder and the back. However, Oldies is preferred for wearers of age above 55 years, who have been wearing a bifocal for long years as these glasses do not any have peripheral distortion. The glasses are nourished with Super hydrophobic surface treatment to enhance durability. However, it is essential to make sure that you avoid dropping these glasses or keeping them on rough surfaces as the glasses are prone to fine scratches.

Oldies is available in two segments namely
1. Krytop shape Oldies
2. D shape Oldies

Recommendation – Wearers above 55 years of age.

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